Presence Technology

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Examples of Usage

To give you a idea of the capacity of our presence series we would like to show you some examples of use:

Video control per telephon (ISDN or analog)

Our pt-200 allows you to control your property by low costs and a fast connection. In case of an event (f.e.: Movement) you can be notified by a call, sms and fax. You have access to current and past pictures at any time. With the gateways you can easily engage and control connected peripheral devices. With our software ptWin you can access the pt-200 with your computer. Situations can be observed and estimated, settings can be changed, saved datas can be called and gateways can be activated at any time

Computer-aided process and system control per internet

With our stand-alone network controller pt-50 you can access, control and fix intelligent devices, like Point-of-Sales, wind energy plants or parking garages, from any point of the world. With this you can minimize your service costs to a minimum. Datas can be collected and saved on the device or they will be sented in an difined intermittent. The status can be watched with any browser at any time. For this you can use TCP/IP or ISDN with PPP. If you want to send images of a video source also, you can use our pt-205.

Video transfer by using networks

To transfer high-quality pictures we offer you our Video Web Server pt-1100. Its perfect for Intranet applications like video surveillance and safty engineering, or in the Internet for commercial, presentation or Web-Attraction. Without any additional Hard- or Software you can intrigue in your network. You can access and administrate your pt-1100 with any browser.

Facility Management

For facility managment and security our pt-50 offers you a lot of economic and tecnical options. This can help you to safe energy, for example, or it protects your building against storms and rain. It also can be used to control your heating. In case of an event you will be notified promptly. For this you can use the following protocolls and technologies: LAN, WAN, ISDN, GSM, eMail or Fax

Access- and Door Control

With our pt-210 you can connect your video door cam to your network. You can see whos on the door out of your office and you can open the door or speak with the person. If you are away you will be notified by a call or an email.


Because of its versatilely protocols the pt-50 can be ivolved in existing networkmanagment system. With this it becomes the perfect solution for observing your IT-systems and servers or to watch telecommunication systems. Alarms coming form burglary-, fire-, movement- or tempature sensors can be controlled easily.

If you have an questions about our products or services, please donīt hesitate to contact us. Whether by phone, fax or eMail - we are looking forward to your response.