Presence Technology

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Overbear distances easily and safetly, protect capabilities. A maximum of controll with perfectly coordinated components.

Our presence series gives you the abbility to transfer audio video and controll signals with a high performance and speed. To reach this most of our systems use modern communication technology, like the Internet, ISDN/analog, SMS, Fax, Pager, Modem and LAN. Our systems give you a lot of connecting capabilities, like seriell and paralell conectors, alarm lines, I/O - gateways, radio communication, video, audio and CAN. So you can use them for world-wide controlling and observing.

To satisfy a lot of requirements, our products can be adjustet to individual tasks, by using programmable macros. The application range of our system goes from safety engineering with sonsors and video surveillance across computer-aided process and system control to intelligent home control systems. Activities wich were executable localy only are now remote controlled.

We would like to offer you our services by consulting, planing, selling, assembling and service.

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